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Our software developers are bilingual – fluent in both “technology” and “business."They have the technical skills to build simple, cost-effective solutions. They also have the ability to effectively communicate to all levels of your organization, including executives, your customers and others on the team

Our developers are exceptionally skilled in presenting their work clearly while listening to feedback. This helps them develop custom software applications tailored to your environments and unique requirements.

Our Core Competencies
  • Requirements gathering, synthesis and review
  • Architecture and technology integration
  • Development standards and quality
  • Source code control
  • Producing technical and non-technical documentation
  • Teamwork
The Lazer Technologies Advantage
  • Scale.  We have a large network of experienced technologists and software developers.
  • Focus.  We maintain an active database of software developers with the competencies to deliver while focusing on your unique challenges.
  • Experience.  We only hire candidates with the experience, talent and confidence to deliver results.
For over 12 years, Lazer Technologies has built teams of highly skilled software developers. We are focused on finding the best people in the industry and can help you build your team and deliver results.