Our support resources possess strong desktop and server support skills, encompassing multiple disciplines in various software environments.

Our Core Competencies
  -  Resources configure and install new computer hardware and software
for end-users
  -  Assist end-users with moderate to complex hardware, software and
operating system issues
  -  IT asset management
  -  Document and review processes and procedures

The Lazer Technologies Advantage
    Scale.  We have a large network of experienced support personnel.
    Focus.  We maintain an active database of support personnel with the competencies to manage delivery while focusing on your unique
environment challenges,
    Experience.  We only hire candidates with the experience, talent and
confidence to manage and deliver results.

Strong support personnel are imperative to the success of any IT operation.
Lazer Technologies is chartered on the premise that we are able to provide
high caliber support personnel to service the client’s technology

Technology Staffing

Project Managers

Business Analysts

QualityAssurance/ Testing

Software Developers

Services and Support