Quality talent is essential to ensuring that your projects are successful. Through
our five-step Quality Recruiting Process, we consistently deliver quality technical
professionals that meet your requirements and are a solid match with your IT culture.

Understanding Your Business
IT recruiters often look to fill positions quickly before understanding their
customer’s business and culture.

Lazer Technologies Quality Recruiting Process Can Help: We take the time to understand your business, IT initiatives, and work environment. Knowing this information enables us to develop a value proposition that attracts the best IT talent in a highly-competitive labor market.

Providing Local Labor Market Expertise
With high demand for IT talent there is a lot of competition, and many Customers
find it difficult to attract and retain the top technical professionals.

Lazer Technologies Quality Recruiting Process Can Help:We are experts in our local
labor market and understand that there are many factors driving the supply and demand
for top IT talent in the markets we serve. That is why we maintain a localized approach
to best serve the needs of our customers, many of whom have operations in multiple
locations. By executing our quality process based on our knowledge of the local market
and strong local relationships, we are able to deliver the world class IT staffing solutions
our customers expect from a partner.  Our Account managers and Recruiters know
where the best IT talent can be found, what they earn, and when they’re available. We
also understand their priorities and what it takes to attract and retain them.

Searching for Your Ideal Candidate
Many staffing providers source candidate resumes which often results in the
submittal of unqualified candidates and lengthens the time to fill a position.

Lazer Technologies Quality Recruiting Process Can Help: A quality control driven
recruitment process
is utilized by Lazer Technologies’ staffing professionals. With our
thorough approach, we are able to provide the greatest value to our clients.

Screening and Selecting Candidates to Match You With the Right Talent
Customers frequently waste their time reviewing resumes and interviewing
candidates that are not thoroughly screened to ensure that they are a quality fit.

Lazer Technologies Quality Recruiting Process Can Help:Our screening and selection
stage is one of the most thorough in the industry. We screen every resume, host face-to-
face interviews, conduct technical assessments, and perform detailed reference checks
prior to presenting candidates to you.

Efficiency to Respond  
Finding good talent efficiently is critical to managing successful IT projects. This is no
easy task considering the transient nature of the IT market.

Lazer Technologies Quality Recruiting Process Can Help:Lazer Technologies proactively recruits candidates in order to have them “ready to go” within a wide variety of disciplines. We leverage our referral network to recruit and keep aware of candidate’s
standing – this strategy that is more likely to result in a successful placement. All of these candidates have been through our Quality Recruiting Process. Hence, more often than not, we are able to respond efficiently to client requirements in an expedient manner with high caliberresources.

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