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Our business analysts possess strong communication skills and have the
ability to interface with a wide array of skill sets, ranging from customers to information technology developers and management level personnel.

Our Core Competencies
- Ability to understand the direction, structure, and requirements of client organizations
- Analyze our client organizationsā€™ industry and competitiveĀ  position
- Document and analyze required information and data
- Prepare requirements, specifications, business processes and

The Lazer Technologies Advantage
Scale.  We have a large network of experienced business analysts. We have
a large network of experienced business analysts.
Focus. We maintain an active database of business analysts with the
competencies to deliver while focusing on your unique challenges.
Experience.  We only hire candidates with strong track records with
technology and superlative communication skills.

Lazer Technologies recognizes the value of providing strong business
analysts to our clients for engagement work.